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Amoeba Hugs and Other Nonsense is a collection of comics by Beatrice the Biologist that includes amoeba hugs, sea turtle parenting tips, how scar tissue is made, and many others as previously seen on


“Beatrice has a wonderful quirky look into the world of science, biology, in particular. If you know laughter is good for your health and you need a daily smile, this book will give you a good does of smiles and might even keep that brain questioning.”

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“Beatrice the Biologist does a great job of making complex science subjects easily digestible for the layperson – and does it in a fun way. Her art is creative, fun, and thoughtful. Perfect for kids and adults alike.”

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“This is a WONDERFUL book by the talented Katie McKissick (of the blog Beatrice the Biologist). A must for anyone with a sense of humor or a kid. Or both. You will enjoy Ms. McKissick’s whimsical artwork and witty prose. You may even learn a thing or two!”

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About the Author


Katie McKissick



Cultivating curiosity and appreciation for science and nature one giggle at a time.

About the Author


Hi, I’m Katie. I’m the author and illustrator of Beatrice the Biologist. I’m a former high school biology teacher who simply loves to talk, write, and read about science.

I live in Los Angeles, where I produce websites for NASA (Space Place, Climate Kids, and SciJinks), freelance for educational publishers and nonprofits, and blog at Symbiartic over at Scientific American.

My first book, What’s in Your Genes?, was published in 2014. It’s a conversational overview of genetics with lots of jokes and doodles. You should definitely read it. I hear it’s rather good.

I also designed a science-ish iPhone/iPad game called Amoeboid, along with the dynamic duo at Tip Tok.

Yay, science and nature!

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Publication date: October 24, 2014

Ebook | ISBN 978-1-940419-06-0 | $2.99

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