ScienceThrillers Media: What we publish

ScienceThrillers Media is a niche publisher that specializes in books with scientific or medical themes, or stories with protagonists who are scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or physicians.


This includes LabLit, hard science fiction, medical thrillers, technothrillers, certain YA and children’s books, and popular nonfiction.


We’re shameless geeks here at ScienceThrillers Media. Our founder has two doctoral degrees (an MD and a PhD) and she believes science and storytelling make terrific bedfellows. If you disagree, come back after you’ve read some novels by Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Kathy Reichs, Douglas Preston, Tess Gerritsen, or James Rollins, all of whom we wish were STM authors.

Our books:

Cover of THE HAN AGENT by Amy Rogers

THE HAN AGENT by Amy Rogers

Science thriller / Medical thriller

Japanese manipulate bird flu to target enemies


Cover of EVEREST RISING by Matt Kambic


Science thriller with metaphysical elements

Geophysicist tries to explain the impossible as Mt. Everest grows taller.

Cover of REVERSION by Amy Rogers

REVERSION by Amy Rogers

Science thriller

Gene therapy experiment in Mexico goes horribly wrong

Cover of EATING BULL by Carrie Rubin

EATING BULL by Carrie Rubin

ippy_silvermedal_LRWinner, 2016 IPPY book awards

Psychological / Medical Thriller

A fight against the food industry turns deadly.

Cover of ORBITAL PATHS by Richard Meyer

ORBITAL PATHS by Richard Meyer


Winner, 2016 Independent Book Publishers Association book awards

Award-winning poetry collection

#1 new release! Amazon Poetry:Themes:Nature


Cover of AMOEBA HUGS by Beatrice the Biologist

AMOEBA HUGS by Beatrice the Biologist


Science cartoons for grown-ups (and not-so-grown)

Cover of NEANDERTHAL'S AUNT by Gina DeMarco


LabLit / Women’s Fiction

If Bridget Jones were a scientist, this would be her diary.

Cover of LITTLE CELLS by Beatrice the Biologist

LITTLE CELLS by Beatrice the Biologist

Children’s picture book

Cover of PETROPLAGUE by Amy Rogers


Science thriller

What if bacteria turned all the gas in Los Angeles into vinegar?

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The ScienceThrillers brand certifies:

Quality entertainment Quality writing Quality science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medicine in the story

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ScienceThrillers Media publishes:

Science thrillers

Medical thrillers


Mysteries (with science or scientists)

Romance (with science or scientists)

Historical fiction (with science or scientists)

Literary fiction (with science or scientists)

Page-turning narrative nonfiction suitable for a general audience. (Think Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone and Mary Roach’s Stiff.)


ScienceThrillers Media audiences:

Adult Young adult (YA) Middle grade (MG) —— Print Digital

We are especially interested in books that are shorter than a traditional hardcover. If your adult-market story is naturally complete at 40,000-70,000 words, ScienceThrillers Media would like to hear about it.

Poetry collections and children’s books (science, technology, engineering, math, medicine themes only) are low on our list but if you have something sensational, go ahead and query us.

We do NOT publish:

Speculative fiction. No post-apocalyptic scenarios, future worlds, space opera, sentient alien life, time travel, off-planet human colonies, horror, or fantasy.

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