Are you the next Michael Crichton?

Whether or not you are represented by a literary agent,
ScienceThrillers Media welcomes your query.

Publisher Submission Guidelines

Before you waste your time (or ours), ask yourself whether your work is a good fit for ScienceThrillers Media. We are a boutique publisher filling a specialized niche in the publishing ecosystem. The strength of the SciThri brand comes from the focus of our list. To be considered, your submission must have real science, technology, engineering, math, or medicine in it, or it must feature a protagonist in one of these fields.

Please visit the “What we publish” page for more details. If you’re still not sure what SciThri is, visit our sister website Every book reviewed there fits our niche.

We are flexible about word count, genre, and style. We are particularly interested in popular nonfiction and fiction of the traditionally awkward “novella” length, about 40,000-70,000 words.

For fiction of any length, do not query us unless your manuscript is not only complete but also as perfect as you can make it.

For narrative nonfiction, we will entertain proposals based on a draft manuscript but a completed work will better capture our attention.

We accept queries by email only.

Do NOT attach anything to your email.

Please include your book’s title in the subject line.

In the body of your email, include the following:

  • Query letter (equivalent of about one typed page). You may address to “Dear STM.”
  • Word count of your manuscript
  • Your contact information
  • Approximately first 3000 words of your manuscript
  • OPTIONAL: a synopsis of your book

Send your query to:

Usually we respond promptly to queries. If you don’t hear from us in over a month, go ahead and give us a nudge (by email).


We are not interested in:

time travel
post-apocalyptic scenarios
distant future settings
space opera
most speculative fiction

Please don’t send us stories with extremely graphic violence, torture, rape, or pornography.

Try to find a market for your SF/F/horror if it’s not a good fit for STM.

Query ScienceThrillers Media

Email STM

If your query demonstrates:

  • Content that is a good fit for SciThri
  • Professional writing skill
  • Compelling character and plot

Then we will ask you to submit a complete manuscript.

Custom contracts

ScienceThrillers Media knows that today’s authors have choices about how to publish, and that when it comes to publishing contracts, one size does not fit all. As a unique hybrid publisher, we are pleased to offer customized contracts that accommodate the needs and aspirations of each individual author and literary work.

Visit this page for more information about STM’s custom contracts.