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ScienceThrillers Media is

a new, boutique, specialty book publisher

that focuses on a curated list of

science-infused titles for a general audience.

What we publish

Are you the next Michael Crichton
or Mary Roach?

ScienceThrillers Media exclusively publishes stories with

science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medicine.

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Hybrid publishing:

the best of old and new

The business of publishing has changed.

Writers are now in the driver’s seat.


ScienceThrillers Media is one of a small number of

new, innovative hybrid publishers that

combine the best of traditional and self-publishing.


We customize our contracts to fit the needs

of each individual author and work.

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Do you like stories

with real science?

Does it drive you crazy when a book or movie gets the tech all wrong?

Are you a fan of Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston,

Kathy Reichs, Robin Cook, Tess Gerritsen, Michael Palmer,

James Rollins, Richard Preston, or Patricia Cornwell?

You’ve found your people.




Every title published by STM in 2015 won a major national award for independent publishing (2016 IBPA Benjamin Franklin and 2016 IPPY silver medals)

ScienceThrillers Media is a new, boutique book publisher specializing in fiction and popular nonfiction with scientific or medical themes. We are building our list now.

  • Science thrillers & scientific fiction
  • Medical thrillers
  • LabLit
  • Mysteries (with science or scientists)
  • Romance (with science or scientists)
  • Historical fiction (with science or scientists)
  • Literary fiction (with science or scientists)

We are also interested in page-turning narrative nonfiction suitable for a general audience. (Think Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone and Mary Roach’s Stiff.)

What we publish

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